Hobo Moon (2014)

Oh, tell me what you see oh wanderer of wanderers
As you happily stroll into town with nothing but an eagerness for adventure
And a coin in your pocket.

Oh, how the wondrous pastel shops line the cracked and broken streets of the village
Full of precious objects patiently crafted by the townspeople, 
The pleasant scents of fresh baked bread wafting from a nearby bakery,
And pies cooling in windowsills,
the warm smiles of strangers as I saunter pass,
The curiousness of children and the queer games they play,
The hot coffee and home-cooked meals,
The beautiful women planting their gardens,
The books in the library,
The sun casting shadows in the street,
The community of strangers working for a common goal,
A friendly conversation,
And a ride on a horse and buggy
Are the things that I see that have brought me to this village.
I have had a great adventure across this land,
And I have seen the vast wilderness from here to there,
For I have been everywhere,
But now I long for the touch of another,
To reach out to someone,
And to be heard,
For a life on the road is much too lonely,
And I wish to make my home here.

Oh, I see oh great wanderer,
That a life on the road is much to painful and hard,
But I too hope to find my own road of misery to the happiness I seek.