Extreme Ghostbusters

Rafael Rosado (1997)

Darkness at Noon, Part 1 is the first episode for Extreme Ghostbusters.
When Achira, a disease-spreading entity, is released by a group of subway workers, former Ghostbuster
Egon Spengler, now a college professor teaching paranormal studies at a New York university,
rounds up the only students in his class to be the next team of Ghostbusters.
Darkness at Noon, Part 2 is the second episode for Extreme Ghostbusters and the second part of the
Darkness at Noon story. With Achira spreading her disease through a possessed Kylie Griffin,
Egon Spengler, himself infected, helps to train and equip the new recruits for battle.

Written by Billy Brown, Dan Angel, and Dean Stefan

Ralph Bakshi (1988)

Christmas in Tattertown is a 1988 animated television Christmas special created and directed by Ralph Bakshi.
The special was an unsold pilot episode for a series, Tattertown, about a place where everything discarded in the world came alive. Christmas in Tattertown aired on the cable television network Nickelodeon.

Ralph Bakshi originated the idea for Tattertown in high school, where it was originally a comic strip called Junk Town. The strip made light of the human condition by showing the value of things we throw away.

Bakshi worked with Nickelodeon to bring his strip to life as a regular television series, which would have served as Nickelodeon’s first original animated series. In 1988, they commissioned him to create a pilot, which aired on December 21, 1988 during the network’s Nick at Nite block of programming.

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