Jerry Garcia & the Grateful Dead (1977)

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Jerry Garcia directs this concert film of highlights from the five-night run at San Francisco’s Winterland Ballroom that capped off the Grateful Dead’s 1974 tour. The film is distinguished among concert films for its unusual focus on the band’s fans and their often extreme commitment to the Deadhead lifestyle. The documentary also features interviews with band members, including Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, and Phil Lesh, and includes a short but lively recap of the group’s history.

Patrick Smith (1988)

“When we fell in with the Acid Tests, we started having the most fun we had ever had.”

Jerry Garcia

Interview by Joe Smith on May 23, 1988 by use of cassette tape, and recorded during the writing of Off the Record.

Hear the full interview catalog at The Library of Congress and check out

Music You Heard: Franklin’s Tower, Cream Puff War, Golden Road, and Friend of the Devil.