Short Films


A movie projectionist becomes lost in his obsession for his favorite celebrity, Lily Styles.

We Are Not As We Seem

An experimental look at loss and learning to cope.


An experimental look at American progress.

The Escape

An experimental look at escaping life’s biggest problems.

The Night, the City, & a Bottle

An experimental look through the eyes of a drunk on the town.

The Struggle

An experimental look through the eyes of filmmaker, Hobo Moon.

Death of a Clown

Sonny, a struggling comedian, comes home from a long, hard day at the clownery only endure his mother’s constant ridicule and torment.

Trailer – Death of a Clown

Teaser Trailer

A Fiend In the Night

A junky comes face to face with his biggest fear.

Into the Hobo Jungle

A young runaway tired of her father’s constant abuse finds friendship in the most unlikely of places.

Trailer – Into the Hobo Jungle

Teaser Trailer

Escape of the Inner Child

These mobsters work hard, but they play hard, too.
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