Short Films

We Are Not As We Seem

A surreal look at loss and relearning to cope with self.

Escape of the Inner Child

A secretive mob exchange turns into playtime.

A Fiend in the Night

A junkie is confronted with his own inner demons.

Into the Hobo Jungle

A young girl runs away from home only to find a friend in the most unlikely of places.

The Struggle

An experimental look into the mind of filmmaker Tony Schaffer.

The Night, The City & a Bottle

An experimental look through the eyes of a drunk person.


An experimental look at American progress.

Death of a Clown – trailer

Join Sonny & Momma on their mind bending journey.

Death of a Clown

Sonny, a struggling comedian, comes home from a long hard day at the clownery to care for his sick and dying mother only to endure her constant torment and ridicule.


A projectionist becomes lost in his obsession for his favorite celebrity, Lily Styles.

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