Animation Inspiration

A Chairy Tale

– Norman McLaren, Claude Jutra & Evelyn Lambert (1957)

In this Oscar®-nominated short film, a chair, animated by Evelyn Lambart, refuses to be sat upon, forcing a young man to perform a sort of dance with the chair. The musical accompaniment is by Ravi Shankar and Chatur Lal. This virtuoso film is the result of a collaboration between Norman McLaren and Claude Jutra.


– Norman McLaren & René Jodoin (1969)

This animated short by Norman McLaren and René Jodoin is a play on motion set against a background of multi-hued sky. Spheres of translucent pearl float weightlessly in the unlimited panorama of the sky, grouping, regrouping or colliding like the stylized burst of some atomic chain reaction. The dance is set to the musical cadences of Bach, played by pianist Glenn Gould.


– Norman McLaren & Evelyn Lambert (1956)

The film was made in 1956 by Norman McLaren and Evelyn Lambart for Canada’s National Film Board. McLaren, a Scottish-born Canadian, pioneered the use of stop-motion animation of abstract shapes synchronised with sound, using the same technique adopted 25 years later by Rod Lord for his seminal work in producing the animated book sequences in The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy BBC Television series.


Verticales (1960)

In complete harmony and in sync to Maurice Blackburn’s music, a bundle of parallel straight lines revolve, multiply, swarm, and then, disperse, in this minimalist experiment in raw and immaculate design. At varying speeds, the directly engraved into the film lines, gyrate and group harmoniously, creating an appealing sensory stimulation.

Horizontales (1962)

Lines: Horizontal is a movie made by etching lines directly onto film, like its sister Lines: Vertical. The entire movie consists of horizontal lines dancing in various mathematical patterns to beautiful music.

– Norman McLaren & Evelyn Lambert