About HMC

Hobo Moon is a pseudonym I penned many years ago in order to give myself an image in which I identified with. My passion for animation and cartoons combined with my love of a life on the rails and on the road fueled my imagination as I grew up, and it helped me to envision characters that lived in a hobo-esque type utopia. Thus, Hobo Moon Cartoons was born.

As a child I dreamt that one day I would become a great animator and join the ranks of Walt Disney, Tex Avery, Max Fleischer, and countless others. I spent much of my youth sitting at my desk and creating characters and comic scenarios that I hoped one day to bring to life through animation. Many of those characters and ideas have stuck with me throughout my life and inspired me to create Hobo Moon Cartoons as an homage to the animation greats of yesteryear.

I explore topics that may not be especially easy to discuss and show that people or the world around them are not always what they seem. Many of my characters experience madness or severe loneliness as they try to free themselves from themselves, but ultimately come face to face with their own inner demons.

Hobo Moon Cartoons is an old concept but a new business. The purpose of this website is to network with like minded business owners and reach a broader viewing audience. I hope to learn new animation techniques and perhaps in time collaborate with other animators.

Hobo Moon Cartoons specializes in working with clients and developing animation from their concepts, creating storyboards that depict the script and narrative, designing characters and sets, logo design, video editing, use of technical software, as well as working toward production deadlines and meeting clients’ commercial requirements.

Watch for new releases of Hobo Moon Cartoons content only on HoboMoonCartoons.com. Thank you for watching.

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