Sonny the Clown

Hobo Moon (2023)

Sonny the Clown, who is a down trodden clown, gets home from work after a long hard day at the clownery to care for his sick and dying mother only to endure her constant torment and ridicule. But he would give it all up if he could follow his dream of delighting audiences both young and old through his funny antics as the adorable and lovable Sonny the Clown.

Watch Sonny the Clown get tormented by Mama the Clown in the clips below:


  1. Since I rarely go to GR and she looks to be half my age, it would be funny! The only way I might know her is if she volunteers/volunteered at Crashs’ Landing cat rescue.

  2. I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I’ve been on a road trip and never noticed this come in. Yeah, I wrote the story, created the characters, made the costumes and props, and then me and my film crew put the movie together. I hope to revisit the story someday. Poor Sonny. He would be a movie star if he could get out of this place:)

  3. You’re welcome. You put these two movies together? I like the artwork you did of Sonny also. Poor guy can’t catch a break.

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