What is a Hobo?

Part I

by Hobo Moon (2020)

What is a hobo?
Well, it's funny that you ask.

A Hobo isn’t some crazed loon
Screaming at the night.
He isn’t a funny character 
in some comic strip cartoon, 
though that would be all right.
Nor is he a strong man or goon 
with great feats of might.
A hobo finds comfort and reassurance in the moon 
when his inspiration seems out of sight.
He’ll never arrive too late 
or too soon. 
He’ll join his friends and family when the time is just right.
It doesn’t matter if he sleeps passed noon
Cause he follows the moon by the starry twilight.

He rides the rails from sea to sea
Collecting each and every memory
He is not woeful and does not worry
For his life makes him happy
And I think you will find without difficulty 
That there is a hobo living free 
inside the mind of both you and me.


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