Happy Time

Matvey Rezanov (2014)

Animation made with watercolor on paper, Sony Nex7, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro. Music by Fabio Vivaldi.

Skazka was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2016 by established artist Matvey Rezanov. Matvey is captivated by the beauty of paint movement and the power of brushstrokes to tell a story in a unique way, using different styles or strata. He has combined his fine art background with technical skills in photography and videography to create a unique form of animation that blends cinematic language with art and brings two dimensional paint to life.

Matvey started his journey into film on the sets of Coraline and Paranorman, with five seasons on the production of Grimm. His vision, though, was to create an independent studio that would blend Art and technology, so Skazka was born.

Through both high quality artwork and digital skill, Skazka uses the inherent emotional quality of watercolor imagery, captures it “live” and creates an immersive story in motion. As the paint flows across the screen it reveals the inner world of a character and their emotions, bringing painting gloriously to life.  Skazka excels in its ability to communicate the distinctive feel of a story, and the individual qualities of each character, through the skilled use of colors, brushstroke and painting style.

With fine watercolor art and live and animated film background, Skazka studio has worked on multiple projects including Kid Cudi’s headline performances at Coachella and Rolling Loud music festivals,  world premiere recording of Arvo Pärt’s  Estonian Lullaby and upcoming feature documentary about Prince.

To learn more about Matvey Rezanov and Skazka Studios visit his website at: http://skazkastudios.com/

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