Scrappy’s Ghost Story

Manny Gould & Ben Harrison (1935)

Happy Halloween!

Hobo Moon Cartoons aims to preserve the beloved Halloween classics of yesteryear for future generations to enjoy!

This is a spooky lil 1935 Charles Mintz production. The Columbia Scrappy series has pretty much been lost to time as it rarely gets mentioned when people bring up older animated films. This one here tries to cash in on the popularity of horror pictures as Scrappy tries to scare his younger brother by telling him ghosts stories but then real ghosts show up to teach him a lesson.

This isn’t the greatest short in the world but if you’re a fan of animation or the horror genre then you should, at least, find it mildly amusing. The animation is pretty good considering the budget and we get some nice humor when it comes down to scaring the kids. Most of the six-minute running time features the ghosts doing a wide range of dances as the boys get more and more scared.

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