Beginning of Autumn

Sun Lijun (2021)

The ink-and-wash animated short film “Beginning of Autumn” produced by Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio Co., Ltd. is directed by Sun Lijun who insists on standing in the context of Chinese local traditional culture, focusing on the quintessence of art and ink style, and the cutting-edge 8K ultra-high-definition imaging technology Perfect fusion. Ink painting is China’s unique national quintessence tradition, and it is the best representative that can demonstrate the uniqueness of my country’s animation art. The film uses the traditional ink and wash animation style to show the apocalyptic plot, and the traditional ink and wash technique with strong rendering ability gives the audience a strong sense of impact in the collision with the apocalyptic theme. The elegant artistic conception of Chinese traditional ink and wash style and the cold and mechanical apocalyptic theme seem to be full of contradictions, but this contrast unexpectedly gives animation a unique aesthetic taste. The artistic beauty brought by “Beginning of Autumn” and its extended artistic appeal have further moved the influence of Chinese traditional culture in the world, telling a global audience about China’s excellent traditions, disseminating China’s unique sound of artistic innovation, and also Chinese animators and even the whole nation bring more comprehensive cultural self-confidence.

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