Charlie the Unicorn: The Grand Finale

Jason Steele (2019-21)

Charlie’s final adventure begins!
Part two of Charlie’s final adventure!
Part three of Charlie’s final adventure!

Charlie the Unicorn is an animated web series about about a disgruntled unicorn and his two strange, energetic “friends”.

“When the original Charlie the Unicorn video got such an enthusiastic response after its release in 2005 I decided to write a roadmap for the series. In the time since then I’ve produced three additional episodes, all following that roadmap. I love the series, and I really didn’t want to mess up what made it special by pumping out a bunch of episodes without good reason. If I did that, it would be Garfield.  Every episode would involve Charlie throwing himself into a pan of lasagna and then assaulting a dog. What a world that would be.”

“My roadmap ends with episode five, a big finale to finish off the story. There is a lot that is going to happen in the final episode, much more than can be covered in 5-6 minutes. Longer is not always better, but if you like Charlie the Unicorn I think you’ll really like what I have planned for this. It’s going to be ridiculous, and musical, and extremely complicated to animate. Maybe not for Pixar, with their supercomputers and fur physics and blood pact with Yuroth, but complicated for me at least.”

Jason Steele

Luckily for us The Grand Finale didn’t end with the first video, but continued into part II and III. Will there be a part IV?

To watch the first part of the Charlie the Unicorn series that led up to The Grand Finale, click here:

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