Who Killed the Moonlight?

Nicole Atkins (2014)

Animated by Ilinca Höpfner, internationally renowned animator who has worked with Nick Cave and Grinderman.

“Nicole Atkins is done playing it safe.”

Rolling Stone

“It really evokes Nicole Atkins’ spirit. She is one of those people who is so inventive in everything she does.”

NPR Music

In each song she creates, Nicole Atkins reveals her incredible power to transport listeners to a much more charmed time and space. On her new album Italian Ice, the New Jersey-bred singer/songwriter conjures the romance and danger and wild magic of a place especially close to her heart: the Jersey Shore in all its scrappy beauty. Inspired by the boardwalk’s many curiosities—the crumbling Victorian mansions, the lurid and legendary funhouse, the Asbury Park rock-and-roll scene she played a key part in reviving—Atkins ultimately transforms her never ending fascination into a wonderland of her own making. 

“When you’re on the boardwalk there’s a feeling that anything can happen, and that’s the feeling I tried to create with this record,” Atkins says. “I wanted to give people something they can put on and buy into a fantasy that gets them excited about what might happen in their own lives.”

Read more about Nicole Atkins on her website at: https://www.nicoleatkins.com/


  1. I thought so too. I’ve been really craving going to see a concert or live show. I found this Nicole Atkins is playing in Seattle and fell in love with her music. Luckily she had an animated music video

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