Sparks (2006)

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Sparks official video for the single Perfume from the 2006 album Hello Young Lovers.

Directed by Shaw Petronio

Sparks is an American pop and rock duo, originally formed as a Los Angeles band called Halfnelson in 1967 by brothers Ron and Russell Mael. Known for their quirky approach to songwriting, Sparks’ music is often accompanied by sophisticated and acerbic lyrics, often about women or Shakespearean literature references, and an idiosyncratic, theatrical stage presence, typified in the contrast between Russell’s animated, hyperactive frontman antics and Ron’s deadpan scowling. They are also noted for Russell’s distinctive wide-ranging voice and Ron’s intricate and rhythmic keyboard playing style.


  1. I’ll give them a listen tonight…I know Paul M liked them… the animation to that Fogerty video is pretty cool…stop motion.

  2. I’ve heard of them but never heard them much if that makes sense. I love the many styles in this mixed up

    As far as music videos…you might have posted it before but if I may suggest one…Vantz Cant Danz or something like that from John Fogerty….you may have already did it.

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