In the Box

Michal Struss (1998)

Stop-motion puppet animated short film written and directed by Michal Struss.

A character is inside a cubical room; there is a hole in the roof, which is too high to reach. But pushing on the walls distorts the room in various ways, always appearing to bring the hole closer while still leaving it tantalizingly inaccessible.

Michal Struss graduated from the Department of Film and Television at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, majoring in animation. His stop–motion animation picture In the Box was nominated for a Student Academy Award. He worked on animation, visual effects, and post– production of Blind Loves (Slepé lásky, 2008), Blue Tiger (Modrý tiger, 2011), and Deadly Stories (Smrteľné history, 2016). He was nominated for the Czech Lion for Blue Tiger in the category of best production design.


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