The Hill Farm

Mark Baker (1989)

A country couple and their shepherd endure drought, flood, a monstrous bear, hunters and tourists during a somewhat odd few days in their normally quiet life.

The Hill farm is a short animation film (18 minutes) by Mark Baker. The story takes place over three days and focuses on how three groups of people (farmers, campers and hunters) use the same countryside in different ways. The first day introduces the farmer characters (Howick , Hazel and the farm hand, Hugh) and shows a typical day at the farm. The animals have to be fed continuously, watered, milked and protected. A huge, sleepy bear makes a half hearted attempt to catch one of the sheep, but is shooed away. At the end of this first day, a problem has emerged the farm pump isn’t working; there isnt any water in the well. The second day introduces the camper characters, who park their car on a nearby hill, pitch their tent, and start photographing the farm and the farmers. The third day introduces the hunter characters, who will hunt anything that moves, even individual bees. During this final day, a storm builds up and the campers and hunters manage to goad the huge bear into chasing them back towards the farm. The storm breaks and all the characters come together, seeking shelter in the farmhouse. At the end of the storm the groups split up again, probably none the wiser from their experience, the farmers well has been filled with water and everything returns to normal. The film has no dialogue, and relies on animation, sound effects and music.


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