Fat Albert Halloween Special

Hal Sutherland (1977)

While attempting their Halloween mischief, the kids get the ultimate scare from the lady who lives in the spooky house by the graveyard. When some of the kids do not return from trick-or-treating, which Cosby kid will show the most courage?


  1. I agree with your discussion above. We can’t just erase things and pretend they didn’t happen. I remember watching this all the time as a kid and, being mixed race, I could take great offense to it now as an adult in hindsight. But you guys are right–there was a moral lesson to the stories. Something a lot of shows don’t even have today.

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      1. yeah, just the stereotypes in general, you know? I didn’t notice as a kid either. But like you guys were saying above, I think the characters WERE based on actual people he knew…… so it’s like, what are people offended by? The fact that all types of people exist, even the ones that aren’t “PC” right now, so we have to bury the non-PC ones? I don’t know. Cancel culture blows.


  2. I loved this show… “You are like school in the summertime”…”no class”. Love the theme song also. I liked Dumb Donald and Mushmouth.

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      1. Yes it does…I never try to judge things on today’s world…some people want to ban everything before 2000…
        History don’t work that way. Thanks for posting it.

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              1. Yea archived where people can make their own choice… but it’s not getting played I think has just as much to do with it’s creator’s problems. The show always had a good moral lesson….Didn’t he base the characters on his friends growing up?

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