Anh Tú Nguyen(2018)

“The music of Puccini is woven of universal humanity, of limpid simplicity, of passion, torment, youth, and sorrow that cannot be spoken.” -Giuseppe Adami

Direction & Animation: Anh Tú Nguyen

Music: Giacomo Puccini

Conductor: Frank Kleinheins

Orchestra: SSO Stuttgart

Dance: Simone Cameresi, Bronwyn Craddock, Paulina Macias

Co-Production: Studio Film Bilder Anh Tú Nguyen 2018


  1. It’s not one to cheer you up but man the animation is like a mix between real objects, almost like a set for stop animation but with cartoon figures moving around….that is the best way I can describe it.

  2. I love the animation…

    Off topic…have you ever featured “When The Wind Blows?” I just saw it…it’s depressing but the animation is wonderful. This may be where I saw a part of it first I don’t know.

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