Rick and Morty

Erica Hayes (2020)

Longtime Rick and Morty storyboard artist Erica Hayes has been promoted to director this season. We take a look at her life’s journey up to this point (6 years ago she was working as a coffee barista). Then, she’ll break down her newfound responsibilities of overseeing the completion of animatics in season 4.


  1. I know, booooo! (you’re smart not to pay for cable, tho). I think they’re well written, hilarious, sarcastic, witty and even have some wisdom hidden in there most of the time. I hope you get to see a few more now and again. Just better than most drivel that’s out there, I think….

  2. Rick and Morty, lol !! God, I hope I wouldn’t come in here and start raving about a cartoon you weren’t even talking about…hahaha. (But then again, I might)………… 🙂 🙂

  3. Wow! You’ve got to see this cartoon someday, H.M. It’s SO good. It’s one of mine and hubby’s favorites.
    It’s also really great and amazing that the storyboard artist had a completely different life six years ago and look at her now!
    I’m simultaneously wowed and confused by stories like that–like actors living in their vans with nowhere else to go right before they got “the call” that changed their lives, etc., because hubby and I have been writing for what seems like eons and struggling FOREVER…and the break never seems to come! And I honestly really don’t think our stuff sucks, either! So….what’s the problem? What’s the karma, man?! It’s maddening. (sorry this turned into a bitch fest about moi. I really am impressed by Erica) 🙂

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