Hobo Moon Cartoons — Illustrated Portfolio

Hobo Moon (2020)

A collection of drawings, sketches, and doodles created by artist Hobo Moon and compiled into an easily accessible portfolio. Please enjoy, and thank you for watching Hobo Moon Cartoons!


  1. Well, thank you. Some of them have been in animations or were conceived from stories I had written. I hope to someday use them more and perhaps incorporate them into a large project somehow. It is a pity, but it’s never easy showing your own work.

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  2. Nice slideshow portfolio. The eyes of your characters are so expressive. You have a world of characters. Are you going to put them to work? Like in a graphic novel or animation? My younger son used to draw all of the time when he was younger. More recently he has used his drawings for strategy card and board games, but most of them are unfinished. It’s a pity not to let the world see them.

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