Michael Shanks (2019)

In an industry obsessed with the superficial, it’s not easy being an aging movie star. It’s even harder when you’re also a stop-motion animated skeleton monster. Phil used to be a cutting edge special effect. As a stop-motion animated skeleton from the 1960s, modern movie studios just aren’t hiring him to star in blockbusters anymore. Refusing to succumb to his own irrelevance, Phil takes drastic measures when he learns the film for which he was created is being rebooted without him.

It’s not easy for a movie-star to age – especially when you’re a stop motion animated skeleton monster. Phil, once a terrifying villain of the silver-screen, struggles to find work in modern Hollywood due to being an out-of-date special effect. BEHIND THE SCENES:

Director: Michael Shanks

Writers: Michael Shanks & Chris Hocking

Producer: Chris Hocking & Nicholas Colla

Director of Photography: Max Walter & Gerald Thompson


Flickerfest Pty Ltd (2020)

Stop Motion Animation by Samuel Lewis (

Director of Photography (Live Action): Max Walter (

Director of Photography (Animation): Gerald Thompson (

Full list of credits at:

Supported by Screen Australia and YouTube through the Skip Ahead Initiative

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