Last I Heard

Thom Yorke (2020)

Taken from the album ANIMA

Thom Yorke has released a new clip for his song Last I Heard. It’s the first clip from his third solo album ANIMA since the release of the Paul Thomas Anderson-directed short film of the same name. The black-and-white video, directed by Art Camp & Saad Moosajee, features a variety of animation techniques (16mm film, 3D, and cel animation) and was created with the help of a small army of animators, designers, and support staff.


Made at Art Camp

Directed by: Art Camp & Saad Moosajee

Technical Director: James Bartolozzi

Design: Saad Moosajee & Zuheng Yin

Art Direction: Jenny Mascia

3D Animation: Saad Moosajee, Zuheng Yin, Chanyu Chen

Simulation and Effects: James Bartolozzi

Supporting Design: Chanyu Chen, Andrew Finley

Cel Animation: Jenny Mascia, Britton Korbel, Mac Ross, Jeremy Higgins, Danae Gosset

Production Manager: Matthew Kagen

Production Coordinator: John James Russo

Stop Motion Photographer: Jared Pershad

Storyboards: Mac Ross, Jenny Mascia

Cel Animation Consultant: Danae Gosset

16MM Film Consultant: Oliver Lanzenberg

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  1. It has a pervasive sense of anomie, just like the other video for this album, which is a favorite topic of Thom Yorke. It does look like it would have taken an army to put this together. It is like an alternate universe.

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