Jack Frost

Ub Iwerks (1934)

A young grizzly bear, undaunted by his mother’s warnings of the coming winter, runs away from home only to be confronted by Old Man Winter himself.

Jack Frost arrives to the forest and paints the world in autumn colors. He announces the coming winter to the animals of the forest and urges them to prepare for it. A grizzly bear cub retorts “I don’t have to worry, I don’t have to care. My coat is very furry, I’m a grizzly, grizzly bear.” When his parents have fallen asleep (hibernation), the cub prepares to run away from home. He sees Jack Frost paint frost patterns on his bedroom window and follows him.

Surprised by heavy snowfall, the cub is chased by Old Man Winter and is trapped in a hollow tree trunk. He is rescued by Jack Frost who returns him home, flying on Jack Frost’s palette.

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