Welcome to the Machine

Pink Floyd & Gerald Scarfe (1975)

Gerald Scarfe created this music video, initially a backdrop film for when the band played the track on its 1977 In the Flesh tour. The fanciful video begins with what appears to be a giant mechanical Axolotl.

Welcome to the Machine is the second song on Pink Floyd’s 1975 album Wish You Were Here. It features heavily processed synthesizers and acoustic guitars, as well as a wide range of tape effects. Both the music and the lyrics were written by bassist Roger Waters.

Similar to Have a Cigar, the song criticizes the music industry at the time, its control of musicians — that even if you buy a guitar, rebel against the establishment by venturing into the creative world of music, you will wake up realizing that what you thought was a way out was just an entrance into the machine society, anyway.


  1. Interesting video. The title to the song has become part of my vocabulary whenever I see Big Brother doing something heinous.

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