All Dead, All Dead

Queen (1977)

This new video was generated for the 40 year anniversary, to the original NOTW album track, sung by Brian May. The visualisation was created by Unanico Studios (Directors Jason Jameson & Robert Milne, Producer Paul Laikin), in collaboration with Brian, and stars Brian’s childhood pet cat Pixie.

Alongside We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions, on Queen’s 1977 album News of the World, sits All Dead, All Dead, a piano ballad sung by Brian May. Reflections on the death of his childhood cat seem to trigger a full-blown existential episode: “And I wonder why I still live on … But I should not grieve / In time it comes to everyone.”

Well, Brian managed to step back from the brink, and Queen’s career continued ever upward. Meanwhile another version of All Dead, All Dead, sung by Freddie Mercury himself – with, it has to be said, considerably more elan and poignancy than May – got dusty in the vaults.

It’s finally been unearthed now, as part of a 40th anniversary box set of News of the World released on 17 November, complete with a new animated video – here’s an exclusive first listen.


  1. I would have had an existential crisis, too, if my childhood pet, a black cat by the name of Mr. Smith, had died. I don’t blame him!
    Nice singing too. Thank god he pulled up out of the nose dive, lol……….

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