ESMA (2015)

Enjoy this beautiful CGI 3D Animated Short about a street musician who lives in poverty and loneliness. After an encounter with a stray dog, his life is about to take another turn. Created at ESMA and Directed by the talented Félix Ferrand, Florian Magnin, Jordan Mercredi, Corentin Provost, Marjolaine Robin!


  1. Really beautifully done. SO happy when they found those little brats. I can’t even imagine tying cans to an animal’s tail and laughing as it ran around. Well, maybe I did. We put a sock on the cat’s head a few times because it would start to back up as if it was in a tunnel, which we found hilarious. But it wasn’t harming the cat the way I imagine cans pulling on a dog’s tail would. Anyway…………beautiful. I love how the world disappeared when he started playing, because that’s how true passion works, I think. 🙂

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