Hobo Moonless Night

by Hobo Moon

Hobo moonless night,
I have lost my sight.

Dead in the head,
Want freedom instead.
At night I dread
I will not raise from my bed,
But lie atop my sheets soaked a deep blood red.
"You're a loser," she said.
My ego I have fed.
My own self-worth has fled
While self-pity has led.


  1. Ah, Hobo Moon, so glad your namesake has long since returned.
    If I could put a heart emoji here, I would (but nothing I do seems to work, lol)………

  2. I hope the moonlight makes a return and brightens the night. I hate the cliches, but it’s always darkest before the dawn……?
    Beautifully worded poem, though, regardless of the truth or fiction of it……………..

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