Dave Hughes (2011)

Staring lovingly into the cold infinite void that will one day kill us all.

Dave Hughes got his start in television at MTV Animation, working on Beavis and Butthead, Celebrity Deathmatch, Cartoon Sushi, and many other projects. In 2003, Dave edited and produced the final season of Space Ghost Coast to Coast for Adult Swim, where he has continued to work on a wide range of projects, including creating the late night anthology series Off The Air for the network.

Created by Dave Hughes

“Mercury Freedom 7” footage supplied by NASA /

“The Grey Ship” song by EMA Souterrain Transmissions, 2011

“Porculpa – Your Fault” short film by Lyn Hagan

Opening Titles by Adam Fuchs

Stock footage supplied by Getty Images

“Toy Robot In Space!” short film by James Trosh

Vancouver Film School Presents: “Giant Leap” animated short directed by Kyle Botha

“Zeroing” animated short by Andrey Nepomnyaschev

“Hell/?????” animated short by David O’Reilly

“Outside In” excerpt from film by Stephen Van Vuuren

“Terra Incognito” song by Atlas Sound 4AD, 2011

“Noisebox In Space” animated short by 12Foot6

“Carl Sagan – A Glorious Dawn” music video by Symphony of Science Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan & Steve Sotor

“Quantum Leap” song by Slugabed and Planet Mu

“Quantum Leap” music video by Thomas De Rijk

“Decollage” song by Les Balayeurs Du Desert Atelier de L’evenement, 2005

“Apollo 11 Launch” short film by Spacecraft Films

Produced by Million Monkeys Inc.

Space | Off the Air | Adult Swim

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  1. Loved Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
    I had no idea Carl Sagan was such a good singer! But he shouldn’t use autotune; he should have more self-confidence in his voice, lol !!!
    This video is a mix of terrifying and hilarious. And such talent. Thanks!

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