All About Waiting

Dhani Harrison

Hurricanes wreak havoc, forest fires burn and the polar ice caps melt in the new video for Dhani Harrison‘s All About Waiting. The song appeared on his recently released debut album, IN///PARALLEL.

The animated clip centers on a character who works in a lab specializing in genetic manipulation. She starts to doubt the benefits of her research and suffers from a myriad of health issues – nosebleeds, vomiting. At the end of the video, she is replaced by an identical character, as if she is an expendable replicant from the world of Blade Runner. In the clip’s final shot, the woman hurtles to her death from the top of her office building while Harrison’s hard-driving, relentlessly melodic guitar rock zips through the background.

Dhani Harrison is a British multi-instrumentalist musician, composer and singer-songwriter who is the only child of George and Olivia Harrison. Harrison debuted as a professional musician assisting in recording his father’s final album, Brainwashed, and completing it with the assistance of Jeff Lynne after his father’s death in November 2001. Harrison formed his own band, thenewno2, in 2002 and has performed at festivals including Coachella where Spin magazine dubbed their performance as one of the “best debut performances of the festival.” The band also played Lollapalooza three times with Harrison joining the festival’s founder Perry Farrell on a cover of The Velvet Underground’s “Sweet Jane” at 2010’s event. In 2017 Harrison released his debut solo album “IN///PARALLEL”. The 2019 film IN///PARALIVE, showcases the live version of his debut solo album and was recorded in the round at the legendary Henson Studios in Los Angeles. Harrison’s latest single, Motorways (Erase It), was described by Rolling Stone as “A psychedelic track with a robust beat.”

  • By ELIAS LEIGHT of Rolling Stone

Directed and animated by Adam Osgood

Additional illustration: A. D’Amico

Additional hand-drawn animation: Sarah Schmidt

Dhani Harrison: Website:


  1. That animation reminded me of the style of Eon Flux a little bit. Tall, almost insect-like characters.

    Once I found out tomatoes were being spliced with spider genes, I figured who the hell knew what the hell else they were doing out there……..

    Also, PS: I can’t believe George Harrison’s been gone for almost 20 years!

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