René Laloux (1987)

French science fiction masterpiece by René Laloux, starring the heroic Syl who goes to her utopian planet to investigate the death of the guardian birds mirror. Syl combines forces in the fight against the Metal Men and the unfortunate mutant beings that fell into the grip of the mechanical enemies.

This animated film is set on the planet Gandahar, where peace reigns and poverty is unknown. The utopian lifestyle is upset by reports of people at the outlying frontiers being turned to stone. Sent to investigate, Prince Sylvain (John Shea) crashes and is rescued by the Deformed, hideous genetic experiments gone wrong and left to fend for themselves. With their help, Sylvain discovers that the Metamorphosis, a gigantic brain also created in an experiment, is trying to destroy Gandahar.

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  1. We have the poster on our wall! Except the title is “Light Years.”
    Great morality tale. A lot of fun.

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