Dr. Pupa Schlepvic

I was working late in my laboratory the night they came for me. I had been fervently at work on my theory of cold fusion for several sleepless nights, but I was unfortunate in cracking the mystery behind splitting atoms without the use of extreme temperature. Suddenly, all of my scientific devices started flashing and shaking excitedly. Initially, I thought I had entered an incorrect sequence, but that just didn’t seem to make any sense. Something had caused the atoms to react negatively. But what? That was when I noticed the lights outside. They lit up the night sky and grew brighter and brighter as a high-pitched warble rang out from all directions. I was afraid my ears were going to burst. The windows of my laboratory began to quiver and flex inward and outward to that menacing wail outside, and I could feel my sanity wane with each and every pulse of the windows. Finally, all of the windows burst simultaneously, filling my laboratory with the most brilliant white light. I was paralyzed, and all I could do was watch as little green men began entering my laboratory through the shattered windows in drones.

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