The Country Cousin

Walt Disney (1936)

The Country Cousin is a Walt Disney animated short film released on October 31, 1936 by United Artists. The winner of the 1936 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, the film was produced by Walt Disney, directed by Wilfred Jackson, and animated by Art Babbitt and Les Clark. As is true for most cartoons in the Silly Symphonies series, The Country Cousin was built around a musical score, which was written by Leigh Harline. The film’s story was based on one of Aesop’s Fables, The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. It was accompanied by a storybook for young children, which was usual for the most popular Silly Symphonies.


  1. Computer animation is great and cuts down on production time, but nothing compares to the classics. Not to mention that without the golden age of animation there would never have been computer animation and CGI. Thanks for watching HMC!

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