John Bray Studios

in 1914, John Bray opened John Bray Studios, which revolutionized the way animation was created. Earl Hurd, one of Bray’s employees patented the cel technique. This involved animating moving objects on transparent celluloid sheets. Animators photographed the sheets over a stationary background image to generate the sequence of images. This, as well as Bray’s innovative use of the assembly line method, allowed John Bray Studios to create Colonel Heeza Liar, the first animated series.

During the 1910s, the production of animated short films, typically referred to as “cartoons”, became an industry of its own and cartoon shorts were produced for showing in movie theaters. The most successful producer at the time was John Randolph Bray, who, along with animator Earl Hurd, patented the cel animation process that dominated the animation industry for the rest of the decade.

The Artists Dream – 1913

Colonel Heeza Liar Foils the Enemy – 1915


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  1. You know that Colonel Heeza Liar was loosely based on Teddy Roosevelt, right? (I just watched At The Bat and can’t tell whether it’s done with cels or using the older slash technique, but either way it’s very sophisticated for 1915.)

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